Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter's Coming

Wow it sure is getting cold & the winds by the water intensify the 'bone chilling' cold. As Margaret our secretary would have said  ' Puts colour in your cheeks'. lol
My felted hat is very warm & the wind doesn't get through it.

The faccia & soffit's & vents are now done. I was told that the insulation was placed next to the old vent...and it must have been hot sleeping upstairs in the summer. I used the term ' like sleeping in an attic' - makes sense now. Next year is going to be a great year, the house is breathing again.

The new shed looks great too & Home Hardware made it right with me by having the siding installed for me. :-) It's really coming together here & now I'm to leave. It really does feel like I had no summer
as it was full of 'getting settled'. Like I said before...next year is going to be great!

Well I started the Storm at Sea paper pieced wallhanging & what a job that was...

 It's done in three pattern blocks that come together. The largest block is 5" the smallest block is 2 3/4" & a rectangular block, 24 of those needed!

 I'm glad I've a photo copier, it's low on colour ink but it's just the black that's needed to copy the pattern pieces.
This is what it should look like when all put together...

And here is a glimpse of what I've accomplished so far.
 Rectangular & 5" blocks...
But wait there's more!

 The small blocks are now done too!

On the left are the borders to be added & the blocks need to be sewn together, right now they're on my audition wall.
My sewing studio is so cold as it was originally the mudroom & has no insulation or anything under it. I'm wearing wool socks & slippers & it's just too cold to sew in there anymore...until next year in the spring when I return. And what a great year that will be!

In the evenings I cover myself with my warm wool rug & hook. I've now started to add the design to the borders edge...the quilter in me is coming out. lol
I put 2014 on it because I know it will not get finished this year! It will great done next year & what a great year that will be...

I know why are eyes are set in front of our heads...so we can look ahead! LOL

Have a great week everyone, mine is a sad one as my summer adventure has come to an end & I must go to southwestern Ontario to winter. High efficient forced gas heating & three fireplaces are waiting for me, much warmer than an electric baseboard heated cottage right now. But the fun I had this year...I can't wait till next year but I mustn't wish my life away. One day at a time.

My bags are packed...I'm not ready to go on that 16 hour car ride.
Bill laughed & said he's going to have to start sedating me to get me back in Ontario. LOL

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  1. Cynthia, we sure will miss you & mary Beth... i hope you keep your blog up, so I can keep the girls posted as what you are up to.... hope to see you for one last hook-in on Thursday