Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Cat Rules While The Dog Drools.......

 This is the face of a very happy Tom Cat...
He's sleeping in Boris' basket again. It's so cold today, the wind chill is -28 degrees Celsius, burrrrrrrrr
 Boris is resting infront of the fireplace, havind a snooze on my unfinished rug.
 It looks like he's being an acrobat, balancing on the back of the horse!
 Squirrel is snug in his quilt bat box. The temp shows -12 in the sun. His water bottle keeps freezing so I've been giving him grapes & he's enjoying those juicy treats.
Here's the Stoneware Horse so far. I'm working on some background now with a string of dark grey & a string of black yarn. With the NASCAR weekends & hockey weekends, slow & steady has been productive so far... I think the background is getting to be a bore for me.

I'm off for my 2nd lesson of 'How to Play Bridge' &  I'm getting it! I thought it would be like Teflon on me & nothing would stick - I'm getting it & enjoying the game. It's a 7 week course for two hours each week. It's real social game as you need 4 people to play. Last year I was taught how to play SUDOKU, I want to use my brain so it stays with me longer. Challenging at times LOL

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  1. Wow, you really did a lot on your horse rug and Boris is trying to compete for attention I think with his reverse image of the horse. lol... It could also be that he likes the heat. I can't wait for spring and longer days of sunlight.

    I wish I could sleep like that cat. So relaxed and without a care in the world.
    You're very ambitious to learn Bridge. My sister does some SUDOUKU. It's good to exercise the brain.

    Have a creative week.