Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raining...Cats & Dogs

Our weather out east has been just raining all day & that's a good thing as we need to bring our water tables back up from the long dry summer. 
 My pets see this weather as a long nap day. Boris sleeps, no snores under his blanket...
 As soon as he leaves with me to go down stairs, the cat jumps into his already warmed bed.
 Out goes the cat & in goes Boris, doing a large stretch out of his basket. I'm busy working on a quilt with cats on it & black background. I just love the the fabric, it's from the kit I picked up in Calgary last July at Along Came Quilting.
 My cottage bedroom doubles as my sewing room & the pets stay with me wherever I go, just like my shadow.
 Boris is so peaceful sleeping.
 So is Tommy.
Boris on the couch as I was rug hooking in the living room today.
 The side yard holds it colour in the rain today

My rug is coming along, just another 10 rounds to do! I love the colours, it's so fall like. This is my 2nd hooked rug & it sure has a 'primitive' look with the wonky corners. I will draw lines next time to keep my on track. It sure has been hard to do in a frame to keep it taunt.

Photos of my near finished quilt to follow next blog. ;-)


  1. Your rug looks fabulous, love the colours, and I'm sure you're enjoying the process!

  2. Your pets have the easy life. It's sweet that they each like the same bed and are willing to share. Your rug looks nice even with the wonky corners. I agree that lines would help keep you on the strait. I've been hooking on jute and find it easy to hook strait without lines but I'm switching on linen for my next project.