Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Yesterday was Earth Day & the Upper Thames Conservation planted trees on the south side of the Thames River. I did not go down to the park for the event but did go for a walk in Watson Park this morning with Boris, the Boston Terrier.
Good morning Boris...walk time!
After going the distance we usually travel in the park, I see a girlfriend with her dog & she asks me what I think of the Earth Day symbol left from yesterdays event. What symbol, I saw no symbol from yesterday, just the Johnny On The Spot toilets & sinks that would be picked up later today.
After walking by the site for the 2nd time, this is why you could not make it out, you needed an aerial view!! I went home & got my camera to document this work of art, done in the natural beauty available to those who made it. The circle measures approx 12 feet around, how could I have missed it!
Do you see it?
Coming into view...
Pine cones are the dark interior of the 2012 with sticks outlining it

Earth Day is done the same way as 2012, the peace sign was identifiable to me, I had it all over my school books in the 60's. Yes I flipped the photo around to make the Earth Day more readable, that's why the trees are hanging upside down!
Symbols are all around the circumference, made in many found natural materials 
Outer symbols
How awesome was my morning with this view of Earth Day ! Make My Day!! 

Hope you enjoyed this awe moment and you too plant something that will grow this year. My English grandfather always warned me not to plant any flowers before May 24th weekend as frost would kill these plants. Spring & fall are tree planting times, grow strong little trees.

Today & tomorrow the weather forecasters are calling for snow.  Oh Canada, how Canadian!!

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  1. This is awesome Cynthia. It would be nice to have an arial view for sure.

    We had rain yesterday and today and it's cold. My daughter sent me an email and said that it was snowing in Ottawa. I had to put on my long john this morning.

    Boris looks like he would rather stay in today.

    Thanks for sharing your Earth Day pictures with us today. Stay warm and dry today, a good day for sewing. JB