Thursday, December 1, 2011

Binding My Time :)

I've got this 1/2 done now, with the hand sewing & cold weather my index finger has begun to crack again, bag balm is used just before bed time to moisturize these dry hands & nails. The quilt turned out so beautiful, I had Tim at The Marsh Store in Coldstream ON, to do the meandering with the maple leaf in it. This was to be a Canada Day quilt for my son Donald's wedding that took place on July 1st this year. He & Melissa have still not seen their quilt but I'm working to have it done before Christmas & their pillowcases done for Christmas. Sew much to do :)

The quilting really enhances the quilt. This has been the largest quilt I've ever made, finishing at 97"x 97". 
Warmth, comfort, and sweet dreams to the newlyweds.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, your quilt is really pretty. They will love it for sure.

    Mine is still on the frame and I'm hand quilting a little, any chance I get , which not very often. JB