Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Over The River...Done!

It's a windy overcast day today, but the best photo shots come from the clothesline...these are the best two.
My goal was to have this quilt top completed before my husbands arrival to close the cottage up. I did it with  one day to spare!  Tomorrow he arrives in Moncton and on Saturday we're back in London On. I love the east coast however the city life awaits me & I'll be back :-) just as the flowers start to pop through the ground. It's been an odd summer here with loads of rain & the trees are in colour now, with no furnace...it's time to go.
Putting this quilt top together on a wet, cool, rainy day, had Boris wrapped up tight for warmth( I had the warmth from the iron). As I do placement on my bed, yes I know that Dr. Oz says the bedroom is for the two S's, sleep & sex --- I added one more S---sewing! with very limited space one must be creative. Boris lies on the pillows at the top of the bed, on his bathmat & covers himself. He cannot be without me, he's such a companion dog & follows my every move. He always awakes at the sound of the sewing machine being turned off, jumps off the bed and waits for me to leave the room to follow
me out.
A peek under those covers...he can barely keep his eyes open, the sound of my sewing machine soothes him back to sleep ;-)

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  1. Hi Cynthia, your quilt top is just so beautiful. What a luck Boris to be so spoiled. I hope that your trip back to Ontario goes smoothly. I hope that you'l continue to blog. I enjoy looking at your handiwork.

    Safe travel. JB