Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project Stone Driveway Complete!

Large equipment looks small in scale to this driveway, but was a welcome sight to see that the work was going to be done.
Bright & early  Monday morning the heavy vehicles started to arrive for "Project Stone". The sand, large stone, & dirt that had filled the very large potholes so beautifully last year had turned into a nightmare of work for me this year. The east coast has had a lot of rain & if it doesn't rain there's night dew & morning dew that coats the green grass, surrounding the cottage, which then will coat the paws of my three pets...then as they walk over the laneway, the wet is now coated with sand...Boris, Tom & Jerry all wear 'sand boots' into the cottage, on my newly installed lament floor. It has been like living at the beach this summer...without the summer weather, sand is everywhere, I even tracked it into the cars. So the only solution that could be had was stone, asphalting would be way too costly on this size driveway.
One side of the hoop lane-way...not complete yet, waiting on the dump truck to deliver more black stone.
The other side of the lane-way completed ;-)
More black stone...last of the loads delivered this morning...that makes 3 1/2 big dump truck loads now.
The big truck leaves & the plow guy comes to push it down level, the lane-way looks beautiful! Thank you to Gene's guys. Looks Great!


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