Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summers Here!

Playful pinwheel quilt, hung over the porch railing.
It has truly felt like summer today & outside was beautiful...tomorrow the lawn needs a mowing again, it is the song that never ends.
Wooden vintage lobster traps, painted & stacked at the base of the flag pole. Thank you Armand Durelle of Escumanic, I'm Canadian among the Acadian!

These flower boxes are my summer finds!! I was at the Black River Rummage sale & purchased both these window boxes with the empty flower boxes included...all that was needed was the flowers & I came to this mosquito haven with a flat of marigolds!  Bill installed the boxes on his last visit & flowers were added. What a find!
The real task was to get them home to the cottage, Jean worked the large one in her Ford Crown Vic car, wedged between the two of us. What a pleasant surprise when they both fit the windows on the cottage & the colour was a match too. Some finds make you feel so good, they cozy the exterior of the cottage.

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