Sunday, March 27, 2011

R - S - T-U-V Snowmen Blocks Done!

R is for Reindeer

S is for the 'sideways' Snowflakes...I'm still learning the rotate one's  home to teach today.
T - Twinkle , U - Upon the housetop, V - Village

Three more blocks to go, yahoo! My husband Bill, has already helped me pick out the border print. Once those blocks are done, it should go together fast, or I should say...hoping it goes together fast.
I'm still working, no thinking about  working, on a Cynthia England workshop piece. That was one my girlfriend Liz talked me into doing. It was an all day workshop at the Quilts & Calico Cottage in Exeter & was a Snow Scene finishing at 19 1/2" x  17 1/2", this was going to be easy I thought to myself...'I'll have this nearly done by lunch" maybe in a perfect world! wow it was & still is a lot of work, it's on my UFO list for this year.
Since that workshop experience, I don't take my time for granted anymore, no matter the size! It gets done ...all in good time!

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  1. Can't wait to see the last three letters and then the finished quilt!