Monday, February 21, 2011

Memories for Mitch's Birthday

While organizing my sewing shelves I found a project that I did 9 yrs ago. Back then was our racing glory days. My husband & myself  were race car drivers for NMRA through the USA circuit doing the  1/4 mile drag-racing & our boys were pit crew & video recorder. Our sponsor Weldon, for our water pumps, took our son Mitch on tour with him through the USA.
Getting Mitch ready he wanted all his khaki pants cut off into a carpi length, very popular back then for the boys & I made him PJ's in the printed fabric as he would be living in motels from show to show.

Not being a quilter back then but  frugal, I could not throw out the cut off fabric & found the 100% cotton fabric quite with the scraps I made him a memory quilt. Looking at it now I chuckled at the seams, they were pressed open as a seamstress would! not a quilter.
So finding this find , I had an idea...I asked my girlfriend Liz to quilt it up with the Richardson/Buchanan plaid, she did a lovely job & I finished it off with binding in the 1967 Centennial Maple Leaf plaid, cut on the bias. The finishing touch would be the logo badges I had from my racing days & I zig-zag them to the edges.
Mitch liked his new blanket of racing memories from the early 2000's, something from nothing. One of my favourite children books...Something from Nothing
My husband teases me with the comment...she still has everything she's ever owed!

But I know that's only partially true! Happy Birthday Mitchell XO

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